Non-profit PROFESSIONAL irish dance company


The American company of

Irish dance

Elevating the art of performance and progressive Irish dance as an art form, as well as the Irish culture & heritage.

What we do

The American Company of Irish Dance is an independent, nonprofit professional dance company whose mission is to increase awareness and appreciation of traditional and progressive Irish dance, to continue to elevate Irish dance as an art form, and to educate the public about the cultural value of Irish dance.


We facilitate exceptional performances and share inspiration for audiences worldwide.


We seek philanthropic support in alignment with our mission.


We want to see the community of Milwaukee flourish as the proud home of American Company of Irish Dance.



Stay true to the art form of Irish dance, while still lending refinement and elevation to the craft.


And offer opportunity to learn professionalism and the integrity of dance for all dancers and cultivate future leaders and teachers in the space by inspiring young people to take an interest in the craft.


Pass on

We aim to uphold and pass on the lineage of excellence in the Irish Dance community.

What we offer

To our audiences, AMCO offers the chance to experience thrilling entertainment on stages both large and small. We provide excitement, delight and inspiration for all who experience our productions and events whether it be large scale theatrical shows, corporate events or event custom private performances.

For dancers we provide unique educational events – seminars, workshops, classes in performance Irish dance as well as a a platform and incubator to showcase talent, create a livelihood and an opportunity to learn and to teach

To our donors and supporters we provide integrity & ethical stewardship of their gifts.


Why we are different

We are a professional nonprofit Irish dance production company and Incubator for young talent to progress as professional performers. Through the support of donors we are able to provide a unique platform for promotion of Irish dance as an art form.

We cultivating creative excellence by ensuring that we have a caring community of professionals to bring entertainment and enjoyment to the public.

We are expert facilitators of the evolution of Irish dance in America and the public eye. With the leadership of the most innovative and creative Irish dance professionals in the world, we are bridging the gap between traditional and progressive in the Irish dance field.

Our Latest Work

The world premiere of AMCO’s flagship show happened in 2022. To learn more about upcoming shows, subscribe below!

AISLING -A breathtaking exploration of celtic mysticism and Irish folklore spectacularly brought to life through Irish Dance.



Show your love of Irish Dance and all we do by supporting the American Company of Irish Dance.  We’re grateful for all commitments and support to the dancers and their beautiful performances.

We hope we can count on your continued generosity to help us soar toward the Company’s next goal to help bring our next round of performances to National and International audiences in 2022 and beyond!

With your support today, we can lay the groundwork for our next tours and opportunities for up and coming young professional dancers.



Say Hello!

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