Your love of Irish Dance is deeply felt by all the members of the American Company of Irish Dance.  We’re grateful for your demonstrated commitment and support to the dancers and their beautiful performances.

We hope we can count on your continued generosity to help us soar toward the Company’s goal to help bring our next round of performances to national and international audiences.

With your support today, we can lay the groundwork for our next tour that promises all the new choreography, original music, unique costuming and above all the excitement that this dance company delivers in its original show — Aisling!  

Contributions of $500 or more qualifies for membership in the Slip Jig Society.

You can become a  member of the Slip Jig Society with just $42 a month as an AMCO Sustaining donor. Any monthly amount is appreciated to be an AMCO Sustaining donor.  Sustainers are an important part of our donor base because their support provides a reliable flow of revenue into our operations every month.