The American Company of Irish Dance

Thank you to everyone who supported the Showcase performances

by the American Company of Irish Dance

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Showcase was nothing short of spectacular featuring the creative genius of Shane and Paula’s new choreography that even the most veteran Irish dance aficionados deemed new and exciting. Audiences showed their appreciation through multiple standing ovations throughout the weekend. Plans are underway for a return tour later this year!

The American Company of Irish Dance is the region’s only independent, not-for-profit professional dance company whose mission is to increase awareness and appreciation of traditional and progressive Irish dance, continue to elevate Irish dance as an art form, and to educate the public about the cultural value of Irish dance.

As a not-for-profit organization unique in our scope and ambitions, the driving force behind the American Company of Irish Dance is to create singular, incredible artistic productions and to develop the young women and men who will bring that experience to eager audiences around the nation.  The American Company of Irish Dance works independent of any for profit dance academy. All dancers, regardless of where they were trained or by whom, are eligible for casting. Regardless of an aspiring member’s competitive origins, the American Company of Irish Dance provides a professional opportunity for all dancers who wish to perform after their interest in competition is completed.